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How much editing goes into Newborn photos we take

Editing your digital images is an essential step in any good photographers workflow. Taking pictures doesn’t end when you press the shutter button; it ends when the final image is printed out on your wall, album or at least, because we live in a digital era, shared on your Facebook wall or Instagram. Every step from preparing the set, pressing the shutter button to retouch and print is part of the process. Skipping the editing step is going to negatively affect how your images look or are perceived. Our first mission is to get the photo as close as possible to the final result in the camera, ensuring that, it will make our editing process much faster and easier. While we will retouch your newborn photos, we will clean the image, remove some of the blemishes, increase sharpness, adjust the white balance if necessary, crop and some other minor adjustments we see fit for each individual image. What you should not expect from our studio is to completely remove the peeling skin of a newborn, and transform the baby skin in a doll/plastic looking one. We think that most of the characteristics of a newborn should be preserved, in the end, this is the reason you want to have newborn photos take, otherwise you should bring the baby for a photo session at 12-to 16 weeks of age when the skin is generally perfectly clean. If you need more information, do not hesitate to ask before booking. Our newborn photography packages can be found here - Newborn Photography Prices.

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